The 3C’s (Character, Compassion and Cognition) is the Institute for Child and Family Psychiatry, Incorporated, Publishing Division. The 3C’s Publishing Division with its educational supplements and related products, ideal for children and the adults, for the home, classroom or other suitable environment, is interested in offering the opportunity to merchants, event planners, vendors and store owners to market and sell this merchandise.

Please contact the 3C’s, Publishing Division if you or your organization is interested in selling these products. You may contact us via an email message by using the space provided below. For your convenience you may send a fax message to 301-588-3598 or forward your request to our mailing address:

3C’s, Publishing Division
P.O. Box 8096
Silver Spring, Maryland 20907

We will respond to your email message, faxed or mailed correspondence promptly. Thank you for your interest.


As a practicing child, adult and family psychiatrist, Willie T. Hamlin, M.D., designed the 3Cs website to foster the positive development of every child and adult, regardless of race (Afro-American, Hispanic, Caucasian, and Asian), sex, gender, religion, nationality or economic status.

The 3Cs website has clothes and other products ideal for portraying positive imaging, political messages, and humor.  These include items such as t-shirts, hats, mouse pads, bumper stickers.  Educational materials include textbooks, guide books, speeches and articles.